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What You Get with Technical Traders Playbook

We know you’re busy. You don’t have the time to spend two or three hours a day studying the markets and mapping out high probability turning points.

Some services offer you red light/green light systems. But the fact is, they don’t work in all market conditions! You can’t blindly follow automated trend signals.

To trade successfully you need the Technical Traders Playbook, which gives you access to the most accurate and timely market analysis using 25+ years of trading experience and common sense that will put you ahead of the herd…

I love this service!I have been looking for an oppertunity to learn from an experienced trader. Your daily vidoes are awesome. I love that you take the time to go over it in detail. That really reinforces the techniques you are teaching.Seeing you walk through the charts and draw out and explain the patterns and trends is helping me so much. Trying to learn on my own has been very difficult. Books just don’t cut it. After reading a book then trying to interpret markets on my own just seems impossible at times often leaving me feeling defeated. So thankful I found you. Thank you for providing this service!–Dell Burks


How Can You NOT Succeed With Expert Traders Telling You Exactly What the Market is About to Do?

Technical Traders Playbook finds trends and high proability turning points in the market for you and is designed to educate, make your trading easier, and more profitable than it’s ever been. With expert guidance, you will never be in the dark about what the markets are doing and how it could affect you. You’ll always know exactly how to take advantage of breaking developments, while protecting your trading account.

Technical Traders Playbook Benefits:

Follow along with Chris Vermeulen and JW Jones in their videos, and you will learn how to read the market and where you should be looking to place high probability trades each day.

You get the information email to you and posted os posted in the Technical Traders Playbook members website. The video format is smart phone compatible making it easy and quick for you to digest and put to use immediately.

Videos focus on the following Underlying Assets:

  • S&P 500 Index (SPX)
  • S&P 500 E-Mini Futures (ES)
  • Volatility Index (VIX)
  • Emerging Markets (EEM)
  • Gold Futures (GC)(GLD)
  • Silver Futures (SI)(SLV)
  • Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures (CL)(USO)
  • Dow Jones Transportation Index (TRAN)(IYT)
  • Russell 2000 Index (RUT)(IWM)
  • Financials Sector (XLF)(BKX)
  • U.S. Dollar Index Futures (DX)(EUR/USD)
  • 30 Year & 10 Year Treasury Bond Futures (ZC)(ZN)

Members can expect the following video schedule on a weekly basis:

  • Investors Weekly Outlook – Sunday Night
  • Investors Mid-Week Analysis – Thursday Morning
  • Traders Intraday Outlook – Monday Morning
  • Traders Mid-Week Intraday Analysis – Wednesday Morning

Examples of each video format are shown below:


As you can see, there’s no hype. No empty promises. No smoke and mirrors. Just meat-and-potatoes market analysis made easy. You can test it to yourself with your 30-day $1 Trial.

It doesn’t have to take years of studying or losing money to become a successful trader. You can become instantly smarter and more successful overnight by subscribing to the Technical Traders Playbook and watching your first video. You will know where the top 11 markets are currently trading in terms of risk and where they are likely to move in the coming hours, days and weeks.

Chris, just to let you know your videos are absolutely fantastic!It’s a great education for anyone who wants to become a full time trader like myself.Keep up the great work.–Nikola G

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You’ll get immediate access to all our amazing videos on the Technical Traders Playbook site. Take advantage of everything we provide for a full 30 days. Use the information to set up some real-money or paper trades. As your knowledge, trading skills and confidence increase dramatially over the course of a month you see yourself become a better trader.

If you don’t think Technical Traders Playbook is the best thing for your trading style, just email us within the 30 days and cancel your subscription.

However, if you love Technical Traders Playbook because of the education and timely market anlaysis, then do nothing. We’ll conveniently charge $19.97 a month (only 49 cents a day) for your ongoing subscription. And of course, you can cancel at any time.

You have nothing to lose. So find out if we can improve your trading results just as we have for so many other traders.

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