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You’re Source For Trading Ideas. With the Traders Video Playbook, you get the knowledge and real-life experience from two highly successful traders who know the financial markets inside and out.

Let’s face it, you’ve likely already tried, tested or looked at most of the trading systems, tools and newsletters out there? So you know those blackbox trading signals or red light/green light systems typically fail at timing the market. It’s probably the reason why you found our video trading analysis  newsletter.

In trading, risk management might involve deciding how much of your portfolio to put into a single investment, considering the volatility of the asset, the overall market conditions, and your financial goals. Risks in trading can be compared to poker, this might mean deciding how much to bet based on your current bankroll, the odds of your hand, and the behavior of other players. By the way, you can read more about handling real money in poker here.

Everyone would love to find the Holy Grail, or something even close, but in reality most trading systems and tools available today to the general public fall way short.

The Traders Video Playbook is very different. We don’t call it the Grail (although some do), but once you start following it, you might think it’s pretty close to the “Holy Grail”.

Chris is simply the best on simple technical trading! Hi I have been trading and investing for 28 years. Chris is the best and most straightforward technical/chart reader I’ve seen. His simple analysis is highly effective in these volatile markets.–Ken Anderson

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What Makes Traders Video Playbook So Effective?

If you trade Mutual Funds, Stocks, Options, ETF’s, Futures or Currencies, the Traders Video Playbook will keep you on the right side of the market and help you avoid serious investing mistakes.

It’s like seeing tomorrow’s charts results today!

Taking action on this kind of information can pay off with huge profits. Institutional money managers know where they are going to be putting money tomorrow, and so should you. They have a plan, and don’t arrive on the trading floor each morning to “see what happens”. But, the smart money knows that following institutional traders isn’t good enough. You must focus to stay just ahead of their moves as that is what generates big profits.

You Are Going to See the Markets in a Whole New Way!

In each video we carefully review the markets, analyze numerous data points, and identify key trends along with support and resistance levels in 11 markets, including Currencies, Stock Indices, Bonds, Metals, Energies, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Your membership allows you to sign in any time to review our analysis.

Beginner Traders - What you know about trading is probably much less valuable than you think. Our approach will challenge your current belief systems and probably change your trading forever.

Investors & Swing Traders - We give you daily chart analysis looking for the 5- 20% trends in the market.

Day & Momentum Traders – You get intraday chart analysis focusing on 1-3% moves that typically take please a couple times a per week.

Advanced Traders – Using both time frames combined you will be able to accurately enter and exit swing trades at near bottoms and tops for maximum gains while profiting from intraday market activity. Also our high probability technical analysis and ZERO BIAS will keep your emotions and bias in check during critical times of high volatility or headline news events.

Automatic Investing – Have our trades done for you with our Algorithmic Trading System.

First, let me express my gratitude for your fabulous service.In addition to your expertise in reading charts and analyzing the markets, you help me a lot with your patience and your calm attitude. You are teaching me that trading needn’t be an anxious, fearful, messy, hectic, or horrific experience. On the contrary, with proper focus on charts, patience in allowing the markets to give us opportunities for profit, precision with entry and exit points, and overall tranquility, trading can be zen-like as well as profitable. As you suggest, it’s all about being in the zone, going with the flow, and always remaining disciplined.–Christian Holland

Accurately Trade The Markets In Just 15 Minutes A Day
By Watching Our Morning Video

Each week you will receive our powerful and accurate market analysis videos showing you where markets are headed and how long each move should take. You’ll also know through our simple but precise “what to do now” commentary embedded within each video.

After watching our trading analysis video every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you’ll know more about how to trade these markets than most people around you, and most of those selling advice.

You’ll know when its time to lock in profits on long or short positions, change direction, or when to sit in cash.

Most investors learned the hard way having money in the market when it is moving against them. But once they started using our Traders Video Playbook, they quickly discovered how fun and profitable it can be investing on the right side of the markets at the right times!

Our analysis techniques arn’t hard to learn at all. In fact, you’ll find it very simple to follow and extremely educational. You’ll wonder why you ever thought you had to learn all those other technical indicators.

Over time you will learn these simple techniques to analyze the market through our premium videos. It just takes a willingness to let go of old school trading indicators and rules, and apply what really works

By knowing market moves in advance, each change of direction will just be another opportunity to generate profits. You’ll quit worrying about bear markets, in fact, as crazy as it sounds, you may actually start to look forward to them as some of the biggest and fastest money can be made in a falling market!

My first trade with your analysis $2739.Got stopped out this morning 5:35 (Sydney time), did not want to carry over the weekend.Your videos are just first class. Thank you very much. Have a great weekend.– Ben, Sydney, Australia

At a price of less than 50 cents a day (less than a cup of coffee), Traders Video Playbook provides more valuable market timing information than you’re likely to receive from any other service.

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If you don’t think Traders Video Playbook is the best thing for your trading style, just email us within the 30 days and cancel your subscription.

However, if you love Traders Video Playbook because of the education and timely market analysis, then do nothing. We’ll conveniently charge $14.92 a month (only 48 cents a day – based on annual membership) for your ongoing subscription. And of course, you can cancel at any time.

You have nothing to lose. So find out if we can improve your trading results just as we have for so many other traders.

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