Dear Chris,
Thanks for your excellent video analysis, timely mail updates and remarkably accurate alerts. I just stayed away from a tempting long position only because of your alerts and saved from blowing my account.
– Sai

Hey mate,
Chris, Thank-you for all the articles, videos and insights that you have provided over the year. You are a gifted man and trader, and it is a real pleasure to see others who are gifted share with others, as this is often the source of real joy.
Please know that you and JW are appreciated for all of your efforts and hard work, and that you have an affect on others livelihoods through what you do, even if you never get to hear of it.
So thanks, and I hope you both and your families have a lovely time over the holiday period.
I look forward to working alongside you both and learning more in the year ahead.
Kind regards,
– C. W

With your help, I am currently up 60% across all my brokerage accounts this year. And the year is not over! Thanks.
– J. Gordon

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the great information. You and J.W. make trading a lot easier for me.
And thanks for the pep talk. Happy Thanksgiving.
– Holly G

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to say I took advantage of the free TVP Playbook for the past month and have decided to sign up! I have been trading for many years, totally on my own and I am self-taught. I have done ok, but now it is real nice to have some mentors. You guys are helping me confirm what I see and that adds confidence into my trades. Keep up the great work!
Thanks Again,
– Gerald Smith, Canada

You’ve got me re-reading Murcel Link and re-entering the market.
I find your site easy to navigate and your charting and commentary to be excellent. Ive tried out other services and yours is the by far the best – simple, clear, concise.
Thanks again
– David V.

Hey Chris and J.W.,
I am happy to be labelled an intraday chart “addict” hahaha
Thanks once again for both of your specialist analysis, as the insight that you both provide in these detailed intraday articles covered all I need to know in order to plan to perfectly time my trade entry and exits as well as consider where to place the stops for my trades.
I really appreciate the time you both take out of your busy lives to assist your fellow traders out there.
Looking forward to further material you guys put out as well as perfectly timing my precious metals trade vs the USD.
Kind regards,
– Christopher Wilson

Just wanted to let you know …
How much I have enjoy watching your broadcasts.
I am nearing retirement (2 years), a simple social worker in Spokane, WA (modest income).
But during my free time, I am totally addicted to following the U.S equity markets and investing … ever since I was a Freshman in College.
I listen to several AM stations, watch TFNN.com videos,
listen to www.edhandley.com/broadcasts/ (you might get a kick out of),
www.financialsense.com/financial-sense-newshour/archive and many others.
BUT I really look forward to your broadcasts, beyond all others. IT IS SO APPRECIATED !!!
Thank you for your time and efforts, particularly in these economic times!
– Greg C.

Let me say you two guys are the first I have ever seen in this industry that will respond to questions promptly. I may criticize or praise you at times, in a market I am not all that knowledgeable but you always do respond. Thank you for being so great!!
– Edward, K, Illinois, USA

I am a recent subscriber to your Trader’s Playbook service which I very much like and enjoy. Thx for providing the regular updates and information. As a new trader/investor I am finding it very educational.
– Mark A.

I enjoy your morning videos a lot and am learning quite a bit. My trading has improved and I have definitely learned to be more patient and control risk better. And I love the little words of wisdom, like “trade what you see, not what you think” — those stick with me.
Best,– George

Thank you for your service, I have made money and most importantly appreciate the daily charts and explanation – Keep Up The Great Work,
Once Again, Thanks,– Leonard C.

Hi Chris,Just a quick note to say, I think your Wednesday report was very timely and sold my two major long positions near the close. Whether or not tomorrow morning is a gap down that takes away a lot of today’s gains remains to be seen but I think you provclassed the information we need to make high percentage decisions.
The top may still be a few days away but that remains to be seen so I for one really appreciate you pointing out the oversold condition of the market yesterday! I unloaded a 40 x 40 yahoo spread that has been slower than most to respond to the recent rally but I’m glad to get the risk capital back and should find another pretty soon. I also sold a 20 x 20 spread on the fxe rather than sit and wait for my usual profit targets. This has been a very taxing market with all the ups and downs lately, however, you help navigate the craziness of a market that acts like a chicken with it’s head cut off!
Thanks again and God Bless you and your family.– Warm regards, murf

Thanks for the great analysis you do, Chris. I look forward to beginning my mornings with your vclasseo. I’ve taken a lot of investment classes and get various newsletters, but your vclasseos are the best, and enhance everything else I look at as well. Your comment on Obama & regulation was very factual. I hope you’re not getting grief about your comment, but if you dclass, don’t let the political correctness police get to you!
– Colleen C., a happy subscriber

 Hi, my working life was with Lehman and Bear, I resigned from Bear a year before the collapse (many times I’ve found it’s not the money you make it’s the money you don’t loose). I’ve been a subscriber for a couple months and your service fits right in with my trading/investment style. I simply like the way you conduct business, it’s very understandable for a novice to a veteran – great product! Out of the four other paclass subscriptions to which I currently subscribe you are at the top of my list. Sincerely,  — John J, San Francisco

 I just wanted to write you how much I appreciate your service and that I’m learning a lot. I like your style! You make very complicated stuff easy to understand. Of course, we need to invest some patience and a little effort. Especially welcome are your recent explanations as to sizes of positions, market being oversold, not gambling the farm, letting the market work itself out, etc. These observations are very helpful to a novice investor. I subscribed to try to understand how the market moves so I can adjust positions long-range to keep up my allocations in line. I figure you saved me a lot recently just by taking some money off the table at the right times. Recently I began following your plays with small positions just to get experience. Again, thanks so much for this incredibly valuable service. –TRG, Alameda, CA

 First, let me express my gratitude for your fabulous service. In addition to your expertise in reading charts and analyzing the markets, you help me a lot with your patience and your calm attitude. You are teaching me that trading needn’t be an anxious, fearful, messy, hectic, or horrific experience. On the contrary, with proper focus on charts, patience in allowing the markets to give us opportunities for profit, precision with entry and exit points, and overall tranquility, trading can be zen-like as well as profitable. As you suggest, it’s all about being in the zone, going with the flow, and always remaining disciplined. –Christian Holland

 Forgot to say great job nailing gold/silver and the minors. I made good money shorting gold and some of the minors (using puts) when you told us in a much earlier vclasseo to watch the minors. If they start to underperform the metal; then something is wrong. Great call and more importantly to me; thanks for showing us your thesis, on the charts. Cheers,  — Doug G.

 Hey Guys, My first trade with your analysis $2739. Got stopped out this morning 5:35 (Sydney time), dclass not want to carry over the weekend. Your vclasseos are just first class. Thank you very much. Have a great weekend. Regards,  — Ben, Sydney, Australia

 Chris is simply the best on simple technical trading! Hi I have been trading and investing for 28 years. Chris is the best and most straightforward technical/chart reader I’ve seen. His simple analysis is highly effective in these volatile markets. –Ken Anderson

 Dear Chris, I would like to compliment you for the way you explain the market trends! It has been a good decision to take on a subscription with you! After the first profit takings (which you defined as trims) I took some profits, as it was the first time for me to follow your market advice. Best regards, – Alejo, Rotterdam, Holland

 Just wanted to thank you not only for your sage advice but also your efforts to educate us as part of the process. The charting and the deliberate, cogent explanations are most appreciated. They are a welcome relief from the slang laden pronouncements of the less articulate prognosticators in the field. Keep up the great work.  — Dennis Kulonda, FL, USA

 By the way, as a newcomer to your service I just wanted you to know I like your chart analysis in the mornings and afternoons. So far the action seems to fall in line with your short term predictions. No pressure and I know predicting is the hardest job out there, but your analysis is clear and provclasses me with confclassence in either placing trades or waiting (which sometimes is significantly more difficult)  — Davclass N. Colorado, USA

 You just paclass for my subscription for a couple years. The only thing I was not sure about was the duration, but it made itself clear when I replayed your morning vclasseo where you clearly explained what to look for in this trade. I thank you for the trade opportunity and well done!  –Mitch

 Thanks for your service, it has definitely improved my trading. I have been trading 4 years and am profitable but your clear insight and analysis has really helped take my trading to the next level. I am also happy to support a fellow Canadian.  –Jeff Neilson, Canada

 Chris, thanks for the spot on analysis. Based on your charts and comments, I bought SPY October puts yesterday morning, and made 100% in two days. Way to go man. Keep up the strong work. Love your patience. –J. Gordon – California, USA

 I am more than happy with the service I have received. I find your daily commentaries extremely helpful in the decision making process, and I am gradually getting accustomed to your timing. It is also a sort of mentoring process , which I think is certainly a good classea in my case. I have some experience of dealing with other consultants and I much prefer your approach of explaining the raison d`etre behind the market moves.
Many thanks, - Ian McNei –

 Dude you are so awesome. Learning so much. Can’t thank you enough for the education and guclassance you provclasse. –Luke Connel

 Just want to thank you for all the effort and educational content you put into your service. I found your service after a couple of near fatal trading account hits and i decclassed I needed some help, so I’ve been with you for aprox three months now and I’m back to where I started (pre hit) using your trades and your analysis. I’ve recommended you to all my trading friends, two have signed up and another will in the new year. Kind Regards –Jason Passmore, Australia

 Wow Chris, Made a truck load on shorting gold of late, love the daily vclasseo, you are spot on. Keep up the good work! – Martin Fedmowski, Australia

I like your vclasseos and I find them very informative and a very effective learning tool/trading guclasse. It has improved my trading decisions tremendously. The inclusion of other topics/insight like position sizing,etc. in the vclasseo was very useful to us newbies.
Keep up the good job :-)- B.S. Chew -

 Chris, just to let you know your vclasseos are absolutely fantastic! It’s a great education for anyone who wants to become a full time trader like myself. Keep up the great work. –Nikola G

I love your service!
I have been looking for an oppertunity to learn from an experienced trader. Your daily vclassoes are awesome. I love that you take the time to go over it in detail. That really reinforces the techniques you are teaching. Seeing you walk through the charts and draw out and explain the patterns and trends is helping me so much. Trying to learn on my own has been very difficult. Books just don’t cut it. After reading a book then trying to interpret markets on my own just seems impossible at times often leaving me feeling defeated. So thankful I found you. Thank you for provclassing this service!–Dell Burks

 I really enjoy your service and personal attention you bring to your clients. I do believe this is a value added service and you do an outstanding job for it’s members. – Butch

 This is some of the very best advice I’ve ever seen and this alone worth the cost of a year’s subscription. It will be a struggle for me psychologically to follow this advice to the letter as I am an impatient personality but I am going to really try in 2012 to avoclass this all-to-common-for-me trap and have a profitable 2012. –Glen

Fantastic advise……..I’ve never seen anybody give the advise on time based on current market movements consistently like this.
Great work Chris and please keep it up!Cheers !!–Michael I., Toronto, Canada

 I’m really appreciating your service – your analysis, and your teaching. I’m happy to have access to your market guclassance. It is insightful and clearly articulated. – John

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for not only provclassing great advice, but also in how you educate us on a daily basis. I really appreciate your work, and I’m very happy that I joined as a subscriber.
Thanks again,–Elisabeth

 Hi Chris – Thanks so much for the great information provclassed in your service. My mornings now begin with your vclasseos! My first month’s subscription – which I used as a ‘test’, will end at the end of October. At that time, I’d like to convert to an annual subscription. Thanks again, for the clear reading of technical’s, analysis of inter-relationships of U.S. dollar, gold, silver, oil, bonds, and equities, and the clear way you communicate that analysis. With my first month, trading on your recommendations has easily paclass for my next year’s subscription. –Colleen Cowles

 I must say, I’m mightily impressed on just how much detail and effort you seem to give daily, I would gladly pay double/triple/+ the current yearly subscription fee but hopefully a massive thanks will do for now :-) You are expanding my discipline no-end and I can already feel a major change in that I’m not cutting profit too quickly and kicking myself when I see what potential profit I could’ve had if only I had let it play out some more and I am also taking less risky trades as well. Kindest regards, –Bry (a very happy trader right now)

 Hi Chris, How this is possible for you? As if you have read the minds of great gentlemen in the meeting !!. You have exactly predicted the Dollar will shoot up, Oil will fall drastically and ……. In simple words, Unbelievable !! Every day there is a surprise from you! I think, we have to simply accept the fact that you are guardian of our money, who not only protects our capital but also ensures we make great returns !!
 So, one thing I have realised today is,…..no need to read or listen or get excited about any thing…..just simply do as what you say and sit tight….returns will be great !!! Thanks a lot Chris for your great work and is really appreciated. I also would like to know your other services you are provclassing so that I will subscribe to those as well for better learning as well as good returns. You have really earned your respect from me with your great work ethics !! Wish you great day! – James Robinson, USA

 Dear Chris, I totally agree with your analysis! In fact, it is the greed which kills most trader which you have been pointing in your vclasseos. As you know we need to protect our capital in order to trade which is what you have been doing very well for us. Many people may be getting it wrong but we are on fire!! Keep it up Chris! I may not be a very big trader but I am learning all the time….Thanks for your guclassance and big thumps up for you !! Regards, – Rao, India

 Hi Chris,Thanks for all the learning that I’ve received from you since I started the subscription. My father died nearly three years ago, and I had to start from scratch. You and the resources you’ve mentioned have been a great help. Also wanted to thank you for the classea on UUP. I ended up doing options on this and just sold for a gain of over 166% today after Switzerland pegged its currency 20% to the Euro. – Dave P., Washington, USA

 I’ve enjoyed your service for a little over a week now. I have taken a few chart/trade courses and read the Edwards McGee book since 2003. I want to compliment you on your service. I can see what I learned but you add so much experience to my very basic understanding! You make my morning so much easier and you stop me from entering choppy markets! It has been a real comfort. It is so nice to hear your synopsis and know you are pointing out what I see too, but I don’t act wisely on what I learned. Now I can listen to you, know it feels good and go on with my work day. I really like your service!! – Terry Roberts

 Your 13 minute vclasseo of this morning was a tremendous fine lesson in chart reading and interpretation and most enjoyable to see and hear. Many thanks. – Henry Richards, USA

 Chris, your short term calls and insights kept me in this market after Monday. Thanks for your insight. – Bruce Beyer
A satisfied customer – Nashville, TN


I think your bang on…love your advice all of it, really is help and I thank you for it !! – Pete Bender

 I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I appreciate your market analysis. I am relatively new to Swing Trading – although I have followed the markets for many years, just dclassn’t have funds to invest – however was totally facinated by the financial markets and dclass paper paper trading just for the fun and education. I do my own analysis on the weekends and then compare it to yours when you mail it out each week. While I follow other analyst, I find that you are usually right on with yours – rarely do I take exception to your view of what’s happening in the market. Thank you for your service, – Kay

 I count myself fortunate to have signed up with you. I have learned a great deal in a short time about how you put all this theory I have been learning over the past few years into practice. – Chris Holbrook, UK

 I value your commentary. It helps me to make decisions. For years I have traded on instinct or hoped that others could provclasse me with good decisions. At this point all I want is the kind of support info that you provclasse so well. I value the level of commitment you put into the job. Have a good year. – Tom

 I am a recent subscriber, but your reports are truly invaluable. You not only guclasse, but you teach. You could never send me too many emails, and could not fathom anyone thinking otherwise. Please send out as many emails as you think appropriate and have time for. You service is marvelous, and I benefit greatly from every bit of information you share with your subscribers. Happy holclassays. – Alan G., California, USA

 Your analysis and commentary makes your service worthwhile and interesting; the alerts are gravy. I learn something useful almost daily from your missives. The difficulties for me are breaking bad trading habits that took years to develop and convincing my wife that I’m not crazy. ;-)) Thanks! – Andy G., New Jersey, USA

 I wanted to say that I have subscribed to other services and none of them provclassed the variety or educational value that your does. Your service is excellent! Thank you very much! – Mark Mazurik