What is Traders Video Playbook?

Traders Video Playbook provides analysis of market trends for both long-term investors and short- term traders. We provide trading ideas for self-directed traders making us your own dedicated financial research team. Every week we review and analyze 11 of the most widely followed asset classes and provide members with a handful of trading ideas which offer the strongest probability for big profits.

Any active or semi-active trader knows it takes hours and hours of time to find good trading opportunities. With a Traders Video Playbook membership, we handle the analysis for you. Every week we point out the best looking trading opportunities as well as short, intermediate, and long-term analysis of market trends.

What Traders Video Playbook is not…

Traders Video Playbook is not an investment advisor; specific buy and sell recommendations are not offered. As stated above, our members are provided with high probability trading ideas, but you ultimately have to make your own trading decisions.

What does a membership include?

The main substance of the service is our trading analysis videos which are organized and presented in a way that allows you to understand why and where prices should be moving in the next hour, day, and week. Each trade idea is offered in chart form which is embedded in the videos presented. The videos show members where we expect prices to move and a rough time frame as to when members should expect prices to arrive at our price targets.

Analysis and Trade Idea Videos:

  • Investors Weekly Outlook – Sunday Evening
  • Investors Mid-Week Analysis – Thursday Morning
  • Traders Intraday Outlook – Monday Morning
  • Traders Mid-Week Intraday Analysis – Wednesday Morning

How can I best make use of the service?

Some members trade our analysis exclusively while others complement our analysis and trade ideas with some of their own research. In either case, a typical TVP member will review our analysis and trade ideas and then apply them to their style of trading as well as their choice of investment vehicles whether its futures, ETF’s, stocks, or options.

When is the site updated? Do you send out an email with the updates?

The site is updated Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings before 8:30 A.M. Eastern Standard Time and over the weekend on Sunday night. Our weekend report covers the weekly time frame exclusively for longer-term investors. All updates and videos are sent via email so you know when to login and watch the videos. Additionally, members also receive bonus posts which include intraday analysis updates and accompanying charts in written format.

Do you announce the trades you are taking?

No. We do not announce any of our own trades with specific trade details. The purpose of this service is to save members considerable amounts of time doing market research as we narrow down the universe of investments we feel have the best odds of making members money.

Do you have a track record?

As stated above, our goal is to take the universe of tradable investments and narrow it to a relatively small group of actionable trading ideas. This service is not designed to provide members with specific trade recommendations. Thus, an exact track record is not available.

We personally do not trade all of the opportunities that we see in the marketplace because there are so many per week and each specific move may not work with our current portfolio positions or our preferred time frame. Since our members have different trading styles, risk profiles, and time horizons we recognize that they will get different results from the same trade ideas. We do not feel at this time that a track record of any kind should be presented in order to preserve the integrity of the TVP service.

What if I have a question regarding a position I’m in or a stock I’m considering playing?

Traders Video Playbook is not an investment advisory firm and cannot legally give you advice, but we are more than happy to give you our opinion. If you have a question, send us an email and members can expect a prompt reply.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time; the process is quick and painless. All you have to do is send us an email to and ask for your membership to be cancelled. You will still have access to the site until the end of your billing cycle, but once the cycle ends, you will not be re-billed and your account will be de-activated.

What is your refund policy?

All new memberships (those who have never been a member and have never taken a trial) come with a 30 day trial. After this 30 day grace period is over (in which you can cancel any time and never be billed), your credit card is charged and your membership officially begins. Once it begins, we do not offer refunds of any kind.